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November 5th, 2023

The Elaine Wolf Theater
350 S Dahlia St, Denver, Co 80246
The theme for this year’s event is:


Open Now Through July 14th

We want to give you the best experience when submitting to TEDxCherry Creek Women. On this page you will find everything you need to help you submit your best application.

Please review ALL the information below before submitting your application.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications MUST be submitted by speaker. We do NOT accept nominations.

TEDx Talks are about Ideas Worth Spreading.  A Great ideas is not only worth sharing, but it has lasting impact. A Great idea might alter the audience’s current perspective, or even open them up to a completely new way of thinking.  To help you better understand how TED and TEDxCherry Creek think about ideas, please view/download our PDF Ideas Worth Spreading.

Please also view/download this year’s Commitment / Milestones timeline so that you understand the expectations and time commitments we have for our presenters.  (PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO MEET ALL OF THESE COMMITMENTS.)

The application consists of an online form with questions in addition to your contact information.

These questions include: What is your Idea Worth Spreading? Why are you the best person to give this talk? Why will the audience care about your talk? What takeaway(s) will the audience receive from your talk? What 3 hash tags would you use to describe your talk?

In addition you will be required to create a 30-40 second video answering one simple question: Why is your idea worth spreading?

PRO TIP – If your video is longer than 40 seconds we will know you didn’t read these instructions or that you uploaded the same video you send to every TEDx event you apply for. Videos longer than 40 seconds and/or those who do not answer the question of why is your idea worth spreading will mean that your application will NOT be considered.

PRO TIP #2- If your video is set to private and we cannot review it, your application will not be considered. Make sure your video settings are ‘public’ so that everyone on our selection committee can view it.

The help you better understand the application and the required video, we have created a short video to help.  Please take few minutes to watch it as well as Chris Anderson’s video on TED’s secret to great public speaking.

Application Tips Read these tips, they contain important information on what TO DO and NOT do.


Our call for Speakers and Entertainers is OPEN.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your application use the form below: