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2022 Women

2022 Videos

Session 1

In a crazy world, show me some grace | Heather and Gracie Lutze

This is What a Scientist Looks Like | Sarah Adewumi

Donor Conception Misinformation, Dilemmas, and Concerns | Stacy Taubma

Social media isn't bad: you're just using it wrong | Eva Amin

The Truth About Pain and Suffering Will Change Your Life | Maggie Kang

Women's Liberation is an Inside Job: Ending Self-Betrayal | Abby Havermann

The impact of curiosity | Karla Merrell

Reclaiming your WHOLE self | Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler

Put Down Your Bag: Empowering Your Mental Evolution | Dr. Brittany Clayborne

Session 2

Music Is Medicine | Darcy Nelson

The Real Reason Women Aren't Promoted | Reagan Cannon

Project Village: Connection & community in social media | Lauren Ross

Women doctors are struggling in silence | Dr. Tammie Chang

On parenting as an immigrant | Tinuke Fawole

Obstacles are opportunities | Keo Frazier

A Reformed Mean Girl Talks about “Giving Back” | Donna Lynne