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2022 Youth

2022 Videos

Session 1

Creative Writing for the Classroom | Anna Brekken

Nurturing Motivated Learners | Ava Conley

Finding a reason to get up in the morning | Cadence Fong

Ganga Slokam | Meera Bipin

The Gift of Education | Aidan Gover

Stuck on the Launchpad | Veronica Keff

The Importance of Pronouns | Ruby George

The Importance of Modern Technology in Schools | Samantha Manuszak

Mental Health in Schools: We’re Doing it Wrong | Maya Dawson

Session 2

Baroque Through the Centuries | Legacy High School Orchestras

Ethical AI Frameworks Education | Fahad Tamton

Life in Foster Care | Xander Varos

It's not our job to Save the World | Ella Winthers

How to Reinvent Policing | Kalina Kuli

Learning from the mother of success | Samuel Law

What it really means to “love thy neighbor as thyself” | Madeline Moon

Let’s Fix Our Relationships By Fixing Our Spending Habits | Riya Bhat

Why Can I Buy a Lottery Ticket, but Not Talk About Change? | Emeline Smith