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2023 Videos

Session 1

Still Me: Accepting Alzheimer's Without Losing Yourself | Rebecca Chopp

The Danger of Words & Power of Stories | Lumière Bukasa

Youth Mental Health: Breaking Generational Barriers | Téaghan Ferguson

Community As Medicine | Elizabeth Markle

Our Love | Sarah Banker

The Art of Empowered Dressing | Mary Grant

Generational Wealth - "The Remix" | Michelle Adams

Harnessing AI, ChatGPT, and Neurocuriosity™ to Empower | Michelle Pruitt

Black Women are Safer Working From Home | Simone Ross

Session 2

Dis Education Flipping The Script on Viewing Disability (ASL) | Lachi Music

Are human teachers necessary anymore? | Chagit Moriah-Gibor

Urgency IS a virtue! Impact takes energy, urgency is fuel | Michelle Lucero

Actually, Everyone’s Not a Critic - And Why It Matters | Cristina Escobar

AI's Impact on Nonprofit Success | Kelli Melissa Reinhardt

The Hidden Process to Revolutionizing Language Learning | Crystal Kim

The Power of Parallel Recovery | Lisa Smith

How to leave behind a meaningful inheritance | Nancy Sharp

Harnessing the Power of Generosity | Wendy Steele