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2020 Videos

Session 1

Hilary Blair | Stereotypes vs. Archetypes

Megan Patterson | The Nature of Education

Mackenzie Roebuck-Walsh | Make Your Career Your Guilty Pleasure

Nga Vương-Sandoval | Assimilation Is Colonization

Nicole Dority | The Destigmatization of Mania in a Manic Culture

Carrie Morgridge | The Future of Giving

Sarah Allie Moore | Reclaimed Roots: Black Hair Matters

Joanna Cronan | Overcoming trauma with 3 pillars of support

Session 2

Jamie Flecknoe | Developing Social Skills through Dungeons & Dragons

Julie Ulstrup | How to Transform the Way You See Yourself

Jamie Voros | The Role of Diversity in the next Human Spaceflight Revolution

Julie Holunga | Don't let your words sabotage your career

Sonia Chavez | Why we need disruptive leadership. It's time for a REBELUTION!

Gavriella Schuster | BeCOME an Ally : How to achieve gender equity

Kara Burns | Own Your Unapologetic Realness

Betty Hart | Canceling cancel culture with compassion