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2019 Videos

Session 1

Fatu Judy Henderson | A Womb Made of Wood

Elaine Appleton Grant | The Secrets of Our Shared History

Lisa Cutter | Media Literacy

Lori Pace | Philathroperty

Katie Chock | Battling the Toxic Male Nerd Culture

Mary Jelkovsky | Your Body is Not An Image

Session 2

The Honey Empire | Band

Izi Stoll | The Physical Basis of Consciousness

Chaitra Vedullapalli | Economic Access for Women

Debi Silber | Do You Have Post Betrayal Syndrome?

Julie Nygard | The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Session 3

Jelie (Bradlie Jones) | An Artists' Guide to Running a Business

Betsy Wiersma | Choose Your Family, Change Your Life

Gina Fratarcangeli | Stop Climbing and Start Lifting

Laura Thomas | Navigating the World of Grief

Trish Becker-Hafnor | CoHousing: The Future of Community