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It’s About Time

Session 1

Krystal Covington | Introverse - Being your own super hero

Christy Belz | The Illusion of Perfection

Denise Soler Cox | Radical Cultural Self-Awareness

Shari Zabel | The Core Power of a Woman

Meghan French Dunbar Maren Keeley | The ability to re-frame risk

Phoenix Jackson | The Spirit of the Moment

Session 2

Julie Geller | One Year To Changing The Trajectory of Your Life

Gretchen Gagel | The power to change the working mom conversation

GG Johnston and Gregor Owens | When the box doesn't fit

Bernadette Slowey | Stop running from your story

Jamie Sarche | Breaking down the taboos about death

Ella Maria Ray | Giving Birth to Ourselves

Lisa Foster | Sexual Violation and The Invisible Hero