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Meet the Team A small but mighty group


Dafna Michaelson Jenet
Co-Curator | Founder

Frustrated by the lack of women on the TEDx stage, Dafna applied for her own TEDx licence and began curating events in 2011. Chosen to be one of the inaugural 100 sites around the world for the first TEDWomen Global event, she has continued to curate Women events initially under the licence TEDxCrestmooorPark and now with TEDxCherryCreek.

A former TEDx Presenter, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker and now State Legislator, Dafna brings a wealth of experience, passion, and knowledge to the TEDxCherryCreek experience.

With each event, Dafna continues to improve the experience for all involved. From her transformative Speaker Training Program to the unique “Human Board Game” both presenters and attendees will find a TEDx experience unlike any other.


Michael Jenet
Co-Curator | Executive Producer

A TEDx Speaker, best-selling author, self-described “Recovering Corporate CEO”,  and entrepreneur Michael brings a wide array of talents and experiences to TEDxCherryCreek.

Having curated TEDx events since 2011, Michael is the behind the scenes driving force behind each event, creating and producing a unique, intimate, and always engaging event for presenters and attendees alike.

Engaged with every aspect of the event and working closely with all members of the team, he approaches each event as an opportunity to improve from the one before, always with the goal of making sure each presenter walks away with the experience of a lifetime; each audience member engaging in the conversation, and sending Ideas Worth Spreading into the world.


Christy Belz

Christy’s passion lives in the empowerment of people, both personally and professionally.

Her own varied life events, her many years as a spiritual seeker, and her distinctive blend of non-profit, sales, marketing and leadership expertise have given Christy a unique opportunity to see a broad scope of human experiences and transformations and a special ability to powerfully support people in their own situations, wherever that may be.

A former TEDx Presenter herself, Christy now brings her passions to TEDxCherryCreek to help those who present, attend, and support the amazing events that are TEDx.


Karla Merrell
Event & Operations Manager

Karla Merrell brings over 8 years of event planning, strategy and sponsorship experience along with her passion for empowering women. A former attorney, Karla is a passionate motivational and leadership speaker that built a successful event business, Meet & Greet Events, from the ground up with the power of maximizing resources and relationships. Her unique approach to success and growth mindset led her to create the Client Maximizer and Refocus your Vision digital programs which has helped dozens of female entrepreneurs and coaches build successful businesses that add purpose and revenue to their lives.

Meet & Greet Events, a consultation company, works exclusively with female coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs to design and host memorable events that provide a transformational experience for the attendee and a community of collaboration for sponsors and speakers alike. The company focuses on providing a platform for female speakers to scale beyond the stage to position, market and sell out  long term coaching programs incrementing the event’s impact and profit year round.