Sarah Banker is a singer/songwriter based in the mountains of Colorado. Although, Sarah comes from a musical family, she didn!t learn to play an instrument until she was 25 years old. She is the first to tell you that creating music has been a major gift in her life. Through writing songs her healing began, now over 10 years later she is creating music to inspire and ignite so we all may flourish and thrive.

Sarah!s musical intention is to be a source of light & love through her indie folk sound. She believes life is meant to be engaging and joyful. Uncomfortable and heart wrenching circumstances happen in life but if we engage the challenges with humility, respect and curiosity we will find our resilient and loving human nature as individuals and as the collective.

A couple years ago, life as we knew it drastically changed in what seemed to be in a blink of an eye. The state of affairs are ever changing but what germinates and roots, the legacy we live and leave behind, is up to us right now in the present. Each moment is an opportunity to solidify the outcome of our hearts desire.

We have the chance to build a society and culture of compassion and respect for all beings. Sarah is a citizen and steward of our magnificent planet. Her gift to give is through sound which is inspired by our collective journey.