Lumiere Bukasa is a storyteller, writer and founder of a nonprofit called Education for Afrika(EFA) which works to improve equity in quality education for underserved and African students in the US and Congo.

Lumiere is a first-gen student from the Democratic Republic of Congo and helps to create accessibility in education for students. Through her community work, she empowers the community through storytelling that promotes community building and togetherness. She grew up as an impoverished child with a hope for a better future and an aspiration to provide support to young African girls and victims of sexual assault in the Congo. After experiencing poverty, hunger and lack of education, Lumiere decided to pursue storytelling to tell the stories of those underserved communities.

She is the author of a book called Black Rage which shades light on the trauma, sexual assault cases and the culture of silencing black women. Lumiere is a strong advocate for sexual violence survivors, gun violence survivors and immigrant students. Growing up in a country that faced war, senseless killings of innocent lives and the displacement of so many talented people, Lumiere became passionate about telling their stories to raise awareness on what’s going on in Congo.

After arriving in the US, she saw injustices in classrooms towards people that looked like her, which continued to fuel her passion to support the underserved community.Through storytelling she’s been able to connect children in Congo to those here in order to transfer skills.