Crystal Kim’s true passion lies in revolutionizing the way English is taught around the world by addressing the significant void in the second language acquisition process. 

As a foreign student from Korea who majored in history, Crystal’s limited writing abilities left her feeling deeply ashamed everyday. Upon discovering the concept of combining two or more unlikely words to create unexpected meanings, she realized that acquiring the English language couldn’t be accomplished spontaneously, no matter how long she had resided in the United States.

Driven by her transformative experience and discovery of the unraveling language’s intricacies, Crystal became determined to assist other English learners worldwide, like herself, in fulfilling their goals without harrowing ordeals. Crystal felt that it was her obligation to empower Asian learners by helping them clearly identify and overcome the root causes of their unique challenges they face during the process of acquiring the English language.

Through close observations and interactions with English scholars, educators and learners for the last 20 years, Crystal authored 16 internationally patented publications that leverage machine learning techniques. While publishing her books, Crystal actively participated in international academic conferences like Asia TEFL and engaged in various business venues across Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam.

Crystal showcased how methodically designed daily offline and online modules enabled Korean learners to overcome their exceptional difficulties and develop creative construction skills in English. Currently, Crystal serves as a radio show speaker on Dallas Korea net AM 730, catering to the Korean American community.