Mary Grant is an entrepreneur, designer, coach, and #1 best-selling author.

She has been a multi award winning designer for 30 years. When covid closed her stores, she transitioned her business online. During lockdowns, she completed her coaching diploma, aiming to provide even more profound support to her clients.

Mary believes that clothing is superficial unless used intentionally. When writing her first book “Empowered by Style”, she developed style archetypes based on well known personality types. The archetypes embody mindsets which empower women to effortlessly align their appearance with their goals and aspirations. By embracing these archetypes, they can confidently step into each day, ready to conquer the world.

As a single mother running her business from home, she understands the challenges of juggling family life while holding onto one’s own identity. Added to the years of conversations with women on the shop floor which gave her insights into all the places in life where women get stuck, she is passionate about empowering women to keep moving forward with their own dreams and aspirations while navigating life’s complexities.

Personal growth, photography, learning, and creating daily momentum are her sources of inspiration as she empowers women to flourish on their unique journeys.