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Sonya Chavez

Sonia Chavez is the founder of Looking2Leap LLC with a life mission to liberate youth and others from toxic generational patterns by remembering and reclaiming the powerful soul they are.

She is a veteran, an entrepreneur, a seasoned analyst, a leadership expert, an empath, and a certified life coach. She grew up poor in money, rich in love, and with a shadow of family addiction that followed her everywhere. She spent her life running from shame, addicted to alcohol and achievement.

No amount of numbing or success could fill her emptiness. With the support and guidance of key mentors, coaches, and leadership training, Sonia took a deep journey of self-healing and self-love. Through this work she was guided to her calling of creating safe spaces for deep souls to explore their beautiful mess and set themselves free!

She is an experienced leader, trained facilitator, and fierce soul coach. Sonia is an advocate for at-risk youth, and underrepresented communities. She loves working with eager, dynamic youth and adults who are heavily focused on social justice and leadership within their communities. Sonia loves to spend her time reading, volunteering, outdoors, meeting interesting people, and anything that involves learning new complex ideas to make the world a happier place!