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Sarah Moore

Sarah Allie Moore is an influencer, serial entrepreneur, and activist whose work centers on a deep love for humanity. She leads discussions with leaders on transformative change through heart-centered leadership. With a special interest in consciousness studies, emotional intelligence, social justice, and creative thinking, she carries a deep passion to bring hearts and minds together for greater connection, deeper purpose, and radical authenticity. She is passionate about anti-oppression and intersectionality awareness, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Non-Profit Organization, The Initiative, which provides a variety of services on the intersection of cross-disability issues, race, and abuse. She has served as a 2016 National Delegate and currently works as a public servant in her career as a Systems Analyst. Sarah is also active in the Toastmasters Organization and served as a 2019 Chapter President.

Sarah is a true multipotentialite. She can always be found working on several passion projects simultaneously, always focused around her love of community, personal growth and self-development. She is the owner and creator of Soul Spark Sessions,™ a group facilitation forum where she leads discussions around soul-centric topics and creates events where people can discover different modalities of healing and creative expression.  Sarah’s second company is Petals & Brimstone™, a company which creates wearable power pieces and inspirational art. Sarah Allie Moore is inspired to serve and elevate her community and her world, whether through her activism around social justice, or by one enlightened conversation at a time.