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Joanna Cronan

Joanna is a first generation Korean American and master’s degree recipient.  Joanna has experience in the Department of Human Services, mental health, and health insurance fields.  Joanna has dedicated her career to helping others. 

Currently working with a Fortune 500 company, Joanna has learned that being a leader in the workplace has similar requirements to when she worked in the mental health and Department of Human Services fields.  From learning how to help others through everyday struggles to helping others through major traumas, Joanna has learned the recipe to how to become a pillar in someone’s support system.

Joanna has a YouTube channel called “What’s Good?! With Joanna Michele” talking about what has been happening in the community contributing to positivity needed in these challenging times, everyday struggles and how to cope. There will also be a Colorado local business and/or artist features of the week.  Check out the channel and subscribe to keep the focus on what is good!