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Meet the presenters WOMEN 2020

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Hilary Blair

ARCHETYPES vs Stereotypes

Hilary Blair is a keynote speaker, champion of human connection, and the CEO of ARTiculate: Real&Clear.

Kara Burns

Unapologetically Owning our Adversities

Kara Burns is passionate about sharing her story of success after nearly 20 years of substance abuse and incarceration.

Sonya Chavez

You’re not a Quitter, You’re an Integrator

Sonia Chavez is the founder of Looking2Leap LLC with a life mission to liberate youth and others from toxic generational patterns by remembering and reclaiming the powerful soul they are.

Joanna Cronan

How to be a Pillar in Someone’s Support System.

Joanna is a first generation Korean American and master’s degree recipient.

Nicole Dority

How Manic Behavior is Sensationalized

Nikki was born and raised in central Massachusetts. She went to undergraduate at University of Miami in Florida, to get a double major degree in Biochemistry.

Jamie Flecknoe

Play for Leadership

Jamie Flecknoe is a graduate of Towson University where she earned her bachelor’s in English, focusing on creative writing. She attended the University of San Diego and earned her master’s degree in Leadership Development.

Betty Hart

Compassion, the Tool to Canceling Cancel Culture.

Betty is a theatre artist whose mission is to help create space for necessary conversations.

Julie Holunga

Women cannot effectively speak up if they are using the wrong language.

Julie Holunga is a leadership trainer and coach developing professionals to lead with authority and influence, with an expertise in the careers of female leaders.

Carrie Morgridge

Five Cultural Shifts that will form The Future of Giving.

Carrie Morgridge serves as the Vice President and Chief Disruptor of The Morgridge Family Foundation.

Sarah Moore

The most revolutionary act one can do is to love that which they find unlovable.

Sarah Allie Moore is an influencer, serial entrepreneur, and activist whose work centers on a deep love for humanity.

Mackenzie Roebuck-Walsh

Goodbye Guilt.

MacKenzie’s passion for connecting people and encouraging their ideas has led to a successful leadership career.

Gavriella Schuster

Through technology democratization, purpose-driven leadership can bridge that divide for equality.

Gavriella Schuster is a C-level Microsoft leader who is passionate about recruiting more women and minorities into the technology sector.

Julie Ulstrup

What if #MeToo is Only Part of the Picture?

Sometimes it happens immediately.   Other times it’s not until much later when we look back and realize the moment the transformation began.

Jamie Voros

How White Noise Will Help Get Us to Mars.

Jamie Voros is currently completing her PhD in Aerospace Engineering Sciences within the Bioastronautics Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Nga Vương-Sandoval

Assimilation is a Form of Colonization.

Nga Vương-Sandoval is a fierce and passionate social justice advocate for the refugee and immigrant communities by amplifying these voices through education, advocacy, storytelling, and lobbying.

Maggie Johnson

Feelings of a High Schooler during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Maggie Johnson is a seventeen-year-old high school senior at North High School in Denver Colorado.