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Meet the presenters COUNTDWN 2020

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Lesly Baesens

Food Waste

Lesly is deeply passionate about sustainability and believes even small individual changes can result in major collective impact.

Jennifer Bousselot

Solar Panels and Rooftop Agrivoltaics.

Jennifer Bousselot, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Ilana Braverman

Behavioral nudges

Ilana is the Director of Outreach for Better Food Foundation where she’s focused on the nexus of climate change and food choices.

Cristal Cisneros

Youth Education in Environmental Racism/Justice

My name is Cristal Cisneros and I am originally from Gary Indiana, a town with a history of environmental injustice.

Darcy Kitching


Darcy Varney Kitching is a doctoral candidate in Geography, Planning and Design in the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver.

Hanna Linstadt

Climate Change is a Health Emergency

Hanna Linstadt, MD is a practicing emergency medicine physician and the Living Closer Foundation Fellow in Climate Change and Health Science Policy at the University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine.

Sonrisa Lucero

Engage the Latinx Community in the Climate Movement

Sonrisa Lucero is the Sustainability Strategist for the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency for the City and County of Denver.

Sophia Mayott-Guerrero

Racial and Economic Equity in Climate Activism.

Sophia Mayott-Guerrero now works as the communities and justice advocate at Conservation Colorado.

Jazmine Pace

Future of Community from a Youth Perspective.

Jazmine,“Jazzy” is a rising senior at East High school and was a student at Denver School of Arts. A bilingual spanish speaker, she recently earned the Biliteracy Seal of literacy.

Megan Patterson

Outdoor-based Education

Megan Patterson is the Founder and Executive Director of Worldmind, an outdoor-based, non-profit independent school in Denver.

Jennifer Riley-Chetwynd

Relationship With Water

Jennifer Riley-Chetwynd has worked on water issues locally, nationally and internationally. She is the Director of Marketing and Social Responsibility at Denver Botanic Gardens, where she drives water-oriented programming, partnerships and communications.

Jonathan Rogers

Energy Transition

Jonathan Rogers is the Renewable Energy Specialist for the City and County of Denver. He is responsible for the city’s efforts to achieve its goal of 100% renewable electricity community-wide by 2030.

Ryan Spies

Climate-informed Economic RiskPlanning

Ryan Spies is a Water Resources Scientist and Certified Floodplain Manager with Lynker, LLC in Boulder, Colorado. Ryan specializes in geospatial hazard data analysis and climate-informed economic impact assessments.