About Us

The Transformation of TEDxCherryCreek

In the beginning, an idea was born to bring more voices of women from the Rocky Mountain region and around the country to the TEDx stage.

Our founder, Dafna Michaelson Jenet, who believes firmly in her driving mantra of ‘not being willing to complain about a problem without working on the solution” applied for a TEDx license when she lived in Crestmoor Park. And thus, TEDxCrestmoorPark was born.

9 Years later, we had grown and so did our license.
Today we are proud to carry the name TEDxCherryCreek. Cherry Creek is known for being the premiere travel destination in Denver and is home to many thriving women owned businesses. We are proud to align ourselves with the name of a community that gives so much to Denver as our presenters bring so much to the table in terms of ideas worth spreading.

In 2011, as then TEDxCrestmoorPark, we received the first Colorado license for a TEDWomen event and have since curated a TEDxWomen event almost each year since. TEDxCherryCreek is proud to continue being the Colorado home each year for the TEDxWomen Global event.

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