The Giver’s Reward

In 2016, Christy Belz gave a TEDx Talk. (
The experience resulted in her asking to join the TEDx team to help others rise to the TEDx stage who might otherwise not have a voice.
Since joining the team Christy has been responsible for spearheading the incredible growth of TEDxCherryCreek and its events through her vision and persistence.

As with all small team endeavors, Christy wears multiple hats. Chiefly, she is a vital member of the speaker coaching team, bringing her unique talents and abilities to helping speakers who need grounding, or to get out of their heads and into their hearts as they craft and perfect their ‘talks’. Christy also relies on her years of community philanthropic work and building relationships to help foster new relationships for TEDxCherryCreek. Her approach to would-be partners is not simply one of business development, she seeks out the root missions of each partner, striving to find common ground where each partner receives at least as much, if not more, than they give.
It is this never ending quest for relationship building that has made Christy such a force for good in her community and in her coaching and consulting practice. (

“It is also this core authenticity of who she is that has made her such an incredibly valuable member of the TEDxCherryCreek team.”

It comes as no surprise, and yet is immensely gratifying, to us that Christy Belz should be named as one of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce 2020 Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business. The award’s description that it recognizes women who operate at the highest level of business and community leadership, while lifting other women up around them in addition to the notion that Their professional achievements and contributions have transformed the Denver community are the very embodiment of who Christy Belz is.

From her passionate and compassionate work with our TEDx speakers/presenters in helping them to step fully into their authentic selves and stand in their own power on the TEDx stage to deliver their Ideas Worth Spreading, to her genuine desire to build “relationships that matter” with everyone who joins our TEDx Family and ensuring that their needs are met or exceeded with every event, to building a coaching and consulting practice that centers around helping her clients live their best lives; Christy Belz has always been the person who gives, who contributes far more than she receives, who transforms everyone she comes in contact with through the true nature of her being.

Chief among her contributions has been a desire to lift up women in all facets of her work, and specifically via her work with TEDxCherryCreek and our premiere event, TEDxCherryCreekWomen.

It is with heartfelt enthusiasm and pride that we congratulate Christy Belz for her outstanding work and for the well deserved achievement as Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce 2020 Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business.

We are incredibly proud of Christy and so grateful to have her on our team.

– Michael Jenet | Curator & Executive Producer, TEDxCherryCreek