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Ryan Spies

Ryan Spies is a Water Resources Scientist and Certified Floodplain Manager with Lynker, LLC in Boulder, Colorado. Ryan specializes in geospatial hazard data analysis and climate-informed economic impact assessments.

Ryan recently led a team of scientists, engineers, and economists on a first of its kind project for the state of Colorado to quantify multi-sector economic impacts from future climate conditions and population growth.

Before that, Ryan contributed to the updated analysis for the Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan which included the design and implementation of a robust data visualization portal that highlights drought vulnerabilities for every county in the state. Having worked for both the public and private sectors, Ryan has conducted flood modeling studies throughout the United States including river forecast model development and evaluation for watersheds across 34 states.

Ryan is actively involved with projects applying remote sensing applications, new flood inundation mapping techniques, and sustainable water resources planning. One of Ryan’s biggest passions as a scientist is working with communities and stakeholders to translate complex model assessments into actionable information. Ryan also enjoys fly-fishing, weather forecasting contests, and hiking with his wife and daughter.