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Hanna Linstadt

Hanna Linstadt, MD is a practicing emergency medicine physician and the Living Closer Foundation Fellow in Climate Change and Health Science Policy at the University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine.

She earned her undergraduate degree at UCLA where she studied ecology and evolutionary biology as well as international policy. This combination of studies allowed her to explore the importance of ecologic sustainability, sustainable development, and international cooperation in solving global problems. After finishing her undergraduate studies she attended medical school at New York Medical College, and after medical school she moved to California for residency training in emergency medicine at Stanford University.

While at Stanford, she became interested in the connection between climate change and human health and how the health care system contributes to our changing climate. She learned more about sustainable health care throughout her residency and pursued a project in which she investigated methods to make emergency departments more climate-smart (by decreasing their carbon footprint and increasing their resiliency).

After graduating residency in 2020 she moved to Denver for the Living Closer Foundation Fellowship in Climate Change and Health Science Policy in order to further study the relationship between climate change and health and learn how to use this information to best impact policy. She currently works clinically in the emergency department, where she sees impacts of climate change first-hand. In the future, she hopes to increase public awareness of the impacts of climate change on health in order to encourage the adoption of climate-smart policies.