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Darcy Kitching

Darcy Varney Kitching is a doctoral candidate in Geography, Planning and Design in the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver. Over the past 15 years, Darcy has journeyed back and forth between academia and practice, alternately conducting research and developing community-based programs to understand how public policy influences the everyday lives of people across the lifespan and in different socioeconomic circumstances. She helped launch the peer-reviewed research journal, Children, Youth and Environments, and worked on three editions of the biannual State of the World’s Cities Report, published by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme. 

In 2015, Darcy joined the Denver-based Walk2Connect Cooperative as a walking movement leader, and she worked for five years as a consultant to the City of Boulder’s GO Boulder program, developing the Boulder Walks community and working with the city’s Pedestrian Action Committee. Darcy grew up walking and hiking with her family in Colorado. She traveled to all 50 states and visited six continents during her adventurous young adulthood; she learned to dance Argentine tango in Turkey, collaborated with local architects and writers in Kenya, hiked with international adventurers in New Zealand, and photographed a Chinese-American wedding in India. Now, her favorite place to be is at home with her family.

Darcy’s specific area of research is youth and family transportation and its relationship to families’ housing choices and engagement with their children’s schools. She is grateful for the opportunity to share ideas with the TEDx Cherry Creek family.