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Letter from our Executive Producer

To the Presenters, family, friends, and everyone who attended via the livestream for Session 1 of TEDxCherryCreekCountdown 2020.

As the executive producer of this event I owe you all an apology for the technical failures of the livestream and the abysmal experience all of you who were watching virtually had to endure. 

Anything I say further about the what, how, and why of what happened would only detract from the message and intent of this letter. To that end, I take full responsibility for what occurred.

I apologize to each and every one of you and am deeply sorry for the frustration and anger you must have felt. 

Moving forward we will review the recordings of all Session 1 presentations to see if the problem was imbedded there or not and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that all presenters from that Session end up with a TEDxTalk Video that meets the quality expectations from TED in order to be uploaded to their video channel.

I am sorry to have let you all down.


Michael Jenet
Executive Producer

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