Laura Thomas – The Journey

In 2017, I set a goal to fail 100 times.

It wasn’t because I wanted to self-sabotage; and it certainly wasn’t because I like failing (I don’t).

It was because I was terrified of failing, and I knew that my fear was keeping me from pursuing my dreams.

What if they say “no”? I thought every time I applied to something. Does that mean I’m not worthy?

I thought “no” meant “you’re not good enough” rather than “this just isn’t the right fit for us at this time,” and I wanted to change that relationship. I wanted to see my failures not as a sign of worth, but of how much I was sharing myself with the world. A sign of my passion.

No longer would “no” be a barrier to my dreams, but an encouragement to keep going.

I succeeded (yay!) in my 100 failures, one of which was an application to TEDx. Welp, my well-trained failure response said, another failure. Apply next year. Onward!

This year when I applied to TEDxCherryCreekWomen, I had my pre-determined mindset ready. Sure, I spent a lot of time on my application (as everyone does). Sure, I cared a lot about this meaningful opportunity (ditto). But if I wasn’t selected, it didn’t mean “no” forever. I had faith that my message would be chosen at the right time, to be heard by the right people.

When I received the acceptance letter, I must say: I was surprised. Thrilled. Humbled. Slightly terrified. Downright honored. The first thing I did was tell all of my friends and family. Because, on our journeys walking with failure, it would be a shame not to celebrate our successes when they do happen.

I can’t wait to take the stage and share my talk with you.


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