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It was my own betrayals that sent me right into a PhD program in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of transformation and human potential). While there, I did a study which led to 3 groundbreaking discoveries around how we experience betrayal-what holds us back and what helps us heal. One of the greatest realizations coming out of this study was that healing from betrayal wasn’t only possible, it was predictable if we’re willing to move through what we now know as the 5 stages from betrayal to breakthrough. This information was so exciting, I felt compelled (okay, obsessed) to share it wherever I could. I started speaking about it everywhere and saw how much hope, direction and inspiration these findings were bringing to those who needed it most.

I thought: “If this information was helping people on a small scale, how many people could be helped if more people could be reached through a TEDx talk on this topic?”

If you’ve ever had a “lightbulb moment” where something was so far out of your awareness in one moment, then so crystal clear in the next, that was exactly what happened to me. I’d actually presented a TEDx talk on the topic of sabotage back in September of 2015 which continues to get hundreds of views every day. So, the thought of presenting on a topic that I know firsthand has the ability to move people from sadness and pain, to one of health, confidence and happiness was incredibly inspiring.

The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, coworker, etc. is unfortunately very common yet not often widely discussed because there’s so much anger, shame, sadness, embarrassment, humiliation and fear of judgment that often goes along with it. Of course, I struggled with these emotions too but pushed them aside in order to fill out the TEDx application; knowing that getting the message heard was more important than my fear of being vulnerable.

I’m so glad I did and couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to find that this amazing TEDx team agreed that this is a topic worth spreading.
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