Lori Pace – The Journey

I decided to apply to TedX Cherry Creek specifically to inspire and create curiosity in an audience that would resonate with my message about inclusion,appreciation and equity for people and property.

My journey that started 3 years ago became a family affair because my daughters recorded the video for the application. I was relieved the application included a video because I communicate best verbally.

What would have been a process that I did alone became an opportunity to include my daughters, to which I am very grateful. Each take of the video they began to understand and become more aware about my passion for people, property, prosperity and the power to create equity in more ways than one by leveraging Real Estate and relationships to strengthen communities.

My daughters became my director, producers and my partners. We tried using a script and finding the perfect lighting for the video. In the end, we decided to ditch all the formalities. We counted down from three and then I just spoke from my heart, and it felt so right.

My girls encouraged me and became the teacher and I became their student. They were my biggest cheerleaders and were relentless. it was an experience that was priceless that I will never forget.

The idea of PhilanthroProperty derived from me unapologetically weaving my background in Architecture, Urban Planning, Real Estate, and Philanthropy.

Women naturally invest in our planet and people which leads to more power. My mission is to change the narrative of who owns most of the Real Estate of the world and how it is REINVESTED.

When I was selected, I was ecstatic . Women all over the globe soon will have access to the tools and resources to do what we do best and that is to Give and not just Get. I call it Lori Leads Legacies.

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