Julie Nygard – The Journey

When I started speaking about the health benefits of chocolate many years ago, my mission was to “change the chocolate-loving world as we know it, one person at a time.” I wrote my book and started speaking to help spread the word: Commence chocolate industry career!

When I discovered Ted in 2008, I loved the idea that it was possible to hear brilliant people share their knowledge in a concise format. I put it in the back of my head as one of my goals.
Within a few years, I was giving 10-20 presentations a month, hosting corporate and charity events and I had started a chocolate shop. When I decided to get serious about being on TedX, I put big notes up all over my house congratulating myself on getting selected. I wrote the presentation, practiced it for a year, and imagined what it would be like presenting. I know, it seems crazy. But I truly felt like I was supposed to do it, so I decided to act as if was real until it was. When the applications for Cherry Creek TedX opened, I applied.

I was in my chocolate shop when the notice came through that I’d been selected. I started jumping up and down and screaming through the shop. Yeah, it was a spectacle for sure. I was crying and laughing, my heart was beating, I had to walk around the block so I wouldn’t alarm the customers. My son and daughter just happened to be there (which hadn’t happened in four years due to their college schedules), so I got to share it with them.

I’ve dreamed of doing this for more than 10 years, and now the message is going to reach people on a major scale. I’m not nervous, I’m ready!

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