Gina Fratarcangeli – The Journey

“Para servirle” – is how Costa Ricans say “you’re welcome”. When I lived there a decade ago, I always admired the intention of this message, and thought how impactful it would be if everyone thought this way… “I am here to serve you.”

This perspective is one I have applied to my leadership style too. And one I think is resonating to create a much more productive environment for my personal and professional life. So when I heard about the upcoming ted talk, I thought maybe I could share my approach with others and have a positive impact on them and the universe (said with arms making a large dramatic circle).

When I think about a ted talk, I picture people listening intently to an amazing scientist who figured out a cure for cancer with seaweed and duct tape – not someone like me. But then I decided, what the heck?! To quote my dear friend Julie, “porque no?” (why not?) I decided why not share some of the many learnings I have experienced both through my successes and failures to help others.

After 27 takes, my application video was ready! And then the waiting began….

To be selected is surreal. I am so honored for the opportunity to be part of this amazing crew of women sharing time with you. It will be a great journey and I look forward to adding value and hope that I contribute to it being a great, impactful experience for all participants on this journey of life.

PS – Speaking of journeys, here is a picture of my son and me climbing the Great Sand Dunes this past weekend. He carried the pack and I just tried to survive! It was a great climb to the top!!)

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