Lisa Cutter – The Journey

I’m a communicator turned legislator. I applied for TEDx Cherry Creek because words matter, and I have something to say. As a public relations consultant, my job was to help others share their stories. To the business leaders who resisted the spotlight, I told them it was their responsibility to use their position to elevate the ideas and ideals of the organization they represented.

As a legislator, I know what a privilege it is to have a platform. I also know I need to take advantage of all the growth opportunities I can to be worthy of that platform. While I’m serving in this role of state representative, I feel the urgency of trying to inspire and motivate others – particularly young people – to participate and share their voices. What better way to encourage this than to demonstrate it?

Choosing to speak on media literacy and the power of information was easy because of the passion I have for the topic. And the application process was almost painless. I hit send and let it go. I was shocked and thrilled to learn I was accepted with an amazing group of women.

When I posted the announcement video on Facebook, I was humbled by all of the encouragement I received from friends. It was uplifting, and reminded me the importance of encouraging and uplifting others. No matter how it looks, it is difficult to be vulnerable and commit to putting yourself, and your opinions, on stage.

Public speaking without notes terrifies me. But that is the best reason to do it. What terrifies us helps us grow. And what an amazing opportunity to share the ideas and ideals that I believe in and represent. I’m grateful to the selection committee and organizers of TEDx, and anticipate a joyous and growth-filled journey ahead.

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