Katie Chock – The Journey

What made me want to apply was a lot of different reasons at the time. I’ve thought TED talks were cool since I saw my first one, and slowly from then on, I wanted to do one. I also wanted a voice to be heard about a subject that affects me daily, a woman in a male dominated nerd world. When I was in school, I saw there was one for Metro State University, so I took it as my time to try to apply.

I thought the application process was approachable and yet challenging. Approachable, because it allowed any woman to apply and accessible those who don’t have rich resources like actual video cameras. I didn’t need to be rich, just express my idea and creativity using my phone or pictures. Challenging, because I had to make my idea sound good in 30 seconds, all you have is those seconds to make your idea heard. It made me have to think about what’s important to my message and what I can cut out.

When I got the news of being accepted, I was hanging out with friends and someone to me who is like my second mom, when I was reading the email. It took me 3 times reading over the acceptance letter to finally let the words sink in, I was just so thrilled! They were the first know the good news, we celebrated at the news!

Now that my Tedx journey has started it’s still a surreal situation that I still think that I’m in a dream. I’m very excited about this journey but what I’m most excited for is to meet the other presenters. They’re all so talented and I’m excited to hear what they have to say and that their ideas are being heard.

Am I nervous? Yes and no. Yes, because holy cow I’m going to be presenting in front of a lot of people and I want to make the best presentation that I can. No, because doing a TED talk is something, I’ve dreamed of doing for a while. I also get to raise awareness about my idea that I’m glad people get to hear.

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