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“Oh nooooo….,” I said to myself as I opened up the email from TedXCherryCreek, “I think I’ve gone too far.”

Pushing myself in the area of public speaking was a 2019 goal of mine. “Ted Talk” I wrote on my large post-it of goals for the year, deliberately placing it in quotes as I meant I’d like to do something of the sort, but never dreamed it would be an actual TedX talk. (Yes, I am the kind of person who creates large post-its of goals for the year). I knew I wanted to practice my public speaking, and I knew exactly what I wanted to speak about. I was excited as I submitted my application and had a good feeling that I might even be selected. But while I was reading my acceptance letter, I couldn’t ignore the sinking feeling in my stomach. I actually have to do this now.

So yes, I am nervous. But I believe in doing things that scare us. Sometimes fear is simply a signal that we are entering uncharted territory, beginning an adventure. For me, this feeling of belly-butterflies is familiar. It reminds me of the feeling I had when my partner and I decided to sell most of our belongings and move into a cohousing community, all while 7 months pregnant. Friends and family would raise their eyebrows at our decision, but I knew that there was something calling to us. This is the journey that I’m excited to share on the TedX stage.

The thing I love most about Ted talks is witnessing a moment in which a room full of strangers gather around a single, brilliant idea. It’s like sitting around a bonfire, and the idea is the flame. For a few brief moments in December, I will place communal living center stage. I’m excited to see what it ingnites in each of us.

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