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[Dec 15, 2019] Two weeks ago, I stood in front of more than 500 people on the TEDx Cherry Creek Women stage. While I was waiting back stage, I could feel the energy in the room. The current speaker shared heartbreaking truths about an extremely difficult topic. The energy felt dense and heavy. I felt pangs of nervousness. I made a conscious decision to “own the stage” practicing “confidently striding” onto the stage. I heard the introduction, and then my name, and then I STRIDED CONFIDENTLY onto the stage!
“Hey there!” I said.

I heard a murmured response.

“Let’s try that again. HEY THERE!” and found the audience returning my greeting much more enthusiastically.

As I spoke, I looked around. I felt the loving support of friends sitting in the front row, and my family in the second row. I looked people in the eye, made contact, and felt them following the highs and lows of my story. After sharing a deeply personal and vulnerable experience, there were several moments of dead silence, as I choked back the lump in my throat, trying to hold it together. As I lifted my head, I felt the love and support of my family and friends and with my voice slightly trembling, forged ahead. The rest is a bit blurred for me.
What if everything about me is inherently right? What if my highest calling is to love myself and live a life of joy?
How would you show up if you knew, really knew that everything about you is inherently right?

I bowed my head and pressed my hands together. “Thank you.”

Almost instantaneously, the crowd leapt to their feet. I heard thundering applause. My heart jumped, and tears of relief and joy burned my eyes. I kept my head down, bowing in gratitude, knowing that once I made eye contact, everyone would see my tears. I lifted my head up, tears streaming down my face, huge lump in my throat, waved, and walked off stage.
I was completely wiped out! I spent the next several days in a “TEDx hangover.” I tried to lay low, rest, recover. I had breakfast with my fellow TEDx speakers feeling our unique bond, support, and pride for and with each other. Each of us courageously and vulnerably shared our gifts, voices, and stories. Each of us is making the world a better place. Gratitude filled me. Gratitude for TEDx curators, Director, technical crew, families and my sister speakers.

But this is not the end. This is the beginning. I am being interviewed for “Grit and Grace” podcast. I delivered the Sunday message “Showing Up and Living the Life God Intended” at Center for Spiritual Living Grand Junction. My sister speakers are doing book launches and our youngest, Abbey, will be featured on national television. All because we had the courage to SHOW UP.
It’s pretty amazing, really. We share our stories, wisdom, healing, transformation, and knowing. One woman daring to show up, stand in the light and speak up. We speak for and to women. We also speak for and to men. And we change the world.

Life is beyond good! It is amazing and wonderous and mysterious and powerful. I am blessed. Namaste!

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