Shahira Qudrat

What is your true source of inspiration?
When I close my eyes I see my Daughters, my Sisters, my Friends, my Mother, other Afghan women, Indigenous women, Queer Women, Jewish Women, Muslim Women, Disabled women, and the many other women who fight to bring about an equitable landscape in today’s America. I see women living the hyphenated American identity bringing about space to REEXAMINE, REDEFINE, and RECLAIM what it means to be a Multi-American. I closed my eyes and visualized all of these women standing behind me when I entered the TEDX stage. It was my privilege to speak on behalf of multi-ethnic inclusion in America, and perhaps one of the most important responsibilities ever bestowed upon me.

Was I nervous walking across stage? Yes, I was. However, in my book I speak about the Comfort Zone and how it relates to this concept I call the “Authenticity Zone.” I must be the first to always follow my own advice and enter a space of vulnerability and growth. Stepping on the stage for TEDx Cherry Creek’s Women Event was definitely a demonstration of me stepping out of the Comfort Zone, and into the unknown. I was able to tell my authentic story of being a Multi-American woman, and how my views on belonging in America were impacted. I looked across the room and realized that all the people who were present had their own stories, and I wanted to inspire them to realize and tell theirs. As humans, we are a result of our stories and beliefs, and it is my wish to have more women coming together to build a more equitable America.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michael, Dafna, Christy, Becky, Candice, and all my TEDx besties. Thank you for helping make 2018 the best year I a Multi-American woman can hope for.

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