Phylecia Jones

I like to call myself a high functioning introvert, but after my TEDx talk… the introvert took over. This is the first time, I can truly understand the battle that Bruce Banner goes through daily when he has to keep the Hulk tamed, leashed and hidden from the rest of the world. I now understand that at some point, you cannot keep the beast leashed very long before it wants to take over. For me, the introvert took over for 10 days.

The energy to prep, the hourly practice sessions, the waking up for a big day, the organized chaos backstage, the getting mic’d, the hearing of your name, the walking to the red circle, the heartbeat in your ear, the cheers, the applause, the standing ovation, the awkward walking off stage, the adrenaline still pumping, the need to sit down and realizing the only thing you want to do… is take a nap.

After a moment of solitude and quiet, the expected, and unprepared for, next round of TEDx glory begins.

What’s next? What now? When is your plan kicking in?

This made the introvert roar out and put a pause on everything. It took 10 days to process the culmination of three months of overwhelm, expectations, being responsible for a platform, and showing up to deliver. There are plans being made, but for the first time in my life, I am only focusing on right now. See… I rarely celebrate achievements. I typically put a notch in my belt and keep it moving, but this was different. The introvert needed to protect me from me; forced me to slow down and actually bask in this moment that only so few will ever know. The introvert is also preparing me because the ‘what’s next’ is going to be HUGE.

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