If I’m honest with you, I’m a little scared.

As the executive producer of TEDxCherryCreekWomen the day of our event is often a blur. I have so many things going on simultaneously that I don’t really get to ‘experience’ the presenters. Still, I am listening; peripherally paying attention for cues, challenges, choreographed moments in the production that must me hit on time etc… and what I heard touched me. Not just a little but deeply.

At our post event brunch I told them I was a little annoyed at them (repeatedly) having made me cry. Didn’t they realize, I playfully admonished, how hard it is to concentrate on multiple screens/monitors with water in your eyes?

TEDxCherryCreek has never shied away from the difficult talk. The powerful subjects that must be heard but often don’t get a place on the stage. So I knew going into Friday that after all their hard work and preparation, practicing, rehearsing, and refining, that these talks were going to be amazing.

But now I’m scared.

Like I said, I was only peripherally listening because of all I had to do. And they made me cry, and laugh to be sure, but now the next stage begins.

One of my responsibilities is overseeing the editing. So I will be watching these talks, all of them, much more intently. I will watch them more than once during the editing process.

Am I ready for this?

This was not a day of mediocre, average, run-of-the-mill TEDx Talks. This was 21 women Showing Up in their full blown authentic, vulnerable, passionate, powerful selves.

From the brave young woman, 12 years old, who stood in front of 500 people, having had just under a month to prepare her talk, and brought every one of them to their feet. To the 8 or 9 other presenters who received standing ovations and the other presenters who simply left the audience speechless with their authenticity and powerful messages and ideas. From the entertainers who touched the audience with their lyrics and passionate voices to the comediennes who left them in stitches with laughter.

The responsibility isn’t lost on me either. The TED brand is global and I have to make sure these videos are worthy of the name. To combine the brand with the power of what happened November 30th is a heaviness indeed.

One thing I know is that these women touched so many people who witnessed them that day. Their talks will have profound impacts far beyond the audience in the room.
Lives will be changed.

I know mine was.

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