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As the year closes, If you could wish for one thing, what would it be? One thing that you wish you could overcome. One thing that would help you reach another level of your already awesome-ness?

People say that if you put something into the universe it will manifest.

It’s true. It’s also true that getting there is not what you would expect. The path will present itself but you will face some challenges along the way. This does not mean that it will not happen, it means that you will put in some hard work to get there. You will cry, you will doubt, you will laugh, you will get lots of hugs and you will love it. I promise.

My wish for this year is that I come out of the shadows and in turn help other people. Along with that wish I hoped for more confidence and guidance from other women that I admire. I want to Be Like Mike…Michelle…or something like that.

By far the best part of this process thus far is meeting the producers and other presenters of the event. There are touching moments for me that happen during my coaching sessions where I am reminded to center myself and trust myself. I feel vulnerable and they know it. They encourage me to stay there and embrace that. This is what I wanted. Amazing people shaping me into the woman I imagine but sometimes don’t see in the mirror.

About the mirror. On one occasion all of the presenters met at one of the producers homes for a meet and greet. Upon arrival I was approached by another women who is presenting at the event. I’ve read her Bio and she is amazing to me. She walked right up to me after hearing my name and said “You are the one I wanted to meet the most!”. Me? I’ve never done this. I’m small. These are the thoughts that are racing through me while I’m smiling at her. I am honored.

Again, I am reminded of the subject I chose to talk about and how important it is to walk my talk and how important my talk really is. Thanks Universe, sincerely, I hear you. I must be on the right path.

I’m ready. I really am.

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