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It’s not unusual for me to come up with a “great idea” and jump into it wholeheartedly. Most of the time I don’t have all the answers. I put one foot in front of the other and trust that I will be guided to my next best step. That’s exactly how preparation for TEDx has unfolded. After meeting with Michael, Dafna, and Christy, I had clear direction to craft my message.

My biggest challenge has been meeting on stage speaking time constraints. The great news is this requires zeroing in on the essence of my message. It requires that I be purposeful and intentional in word choice. All good things! I love that we are encouraged to practice our speeches with friends and people new to us.

The most asked question I have received is, “What’s your talk about?” These have presented great opportunities for mini-talks. This practice is valuable in allowing me to try different approaches. I also reasoned that if I can convey the essence of my message in just two minutes, then 10 minutes on stage will feel quite luxurious!

When I have shared bits of my talk, I have enjoyed watching people’s eyes and facial expressions. Most of the time their eyes open wide and light up as the “Ah-ha!” moment registers. The next response has been a mixture of warm hugs, tears of joy, and positive affirmations. It’s a beautiful and powerful way to connect and support each other.

It is time for women to be seen and heard. I’m excited to share the truth of what I know.

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