Kelly Dore

“If you knew who walked beside you on your path to freedom, the fear you feel would be an impossible reality.” This is a quote that I have used over the years, especially when it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone and trusting in myself and who I am meant to be.

Honestly, this TEDx Journey has not been like anything I have ever done before. I usually prepare my presentations and know that they are backed up with facts from sources. Presenting an idea is somewhat different and a little scarier, because what is an idea? Is it an opinion or a statement? Will others judge me for my idea, even it is based on my life’s realities?

I think this is what is most frightening and exciting about speaking at a TEDx conference and it is one that I am learning to embrace. My ideas are worthy of the experiences I have lived and the only way to be who I am is to speak my truth, the truth that has shaped me. This is also the most challenging part of preparing for this event. Balancing humility and truth.

I am entirely thankful for the friends I have made along the way and overwhelmed by the friends who are coming in, some from out of town, to be a part of this event. I am thankful for the guidance and freedom that TEDx organizers have given and am encouraged by the ideas that many others have shared outside of their comfort zones to assist me along the way. I am not only excited to take the stage, but I am humbled to share the spotlight with some of the most incredible individuals who all have inspiring stories of hope, redemption and empowerment.

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