Emily Harvey

When I submitted my application for TEDxCherryCreek, I honestly didn’t think it was very likely that I would be chosen, but a small part of me hoped it might happen. I had my husband read over what I had written before I submitted it and he gave me some good feedback about sharing more about who I was as a person, and gently reminded me that I really needed to make myself stand out since there would likely be hundreds of applicants. Although I knew chances were slim, I felt like I had an important message I wanted to share, and it was very timely because I was coming off a huge victory at Ironman Boulder and my message ties directly to that accomplishment. I submitted my application and waited patiently to find out if I had been picked.

When I got the email offering me the opportunity to be one of the 12 speakers, I was shocked but also very excited. I have done a lot of public speaking, but only a handful of talks centered on using my story to motivate others. That said, I feel like sharing my experiences with others to provide motivation and encouragement is one of my life’s purposes and is the reason I started a blog to share information about life as an amputee and triathlete, so I really look forward to broadening my audience through my experience on the TEDx stage.

As with anything new, I am nervous about speaking on the TEDx stage. However, I want to live the kind of life I encourage others to live, and that includes doing things that are outside your comfort zone. Mostly, I am excited to share my message and learn from my fellow speakers with whom I’ll share the stage that day.

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